• Zachary Titus

Original Mad MAx Character

My Dragon Con friends and I do a group cosplay of something whenver we make it to dragon con and in 2018 it was mad max themed! Its a fun costume to where and easy to party in which is key for the booze fest that is the con. Here ill walk you through some of the process of how I put it together.

I started with the leather waist/ab belt. I had just enough scrap leather around to put the piece together. I made a template from poster board and simply traced the pieces onto the leather. From there I used a leather hole punch to make the holes for the leather lace I had chosen to stitch it together, dyed it and it was ready to put together.

With the piece assembled i added some bumper reflectors and a skull belt buckle to give it the weirdness that only the Mad Max series can provide.

The majority of this costume was put together from store bought elements and modified to the aesthetic desired. The mask is a airsoft mask i simply weathered and added some spike/studs too. The mohawk was a halloween store purchase, painted with black spray paint and added the elastic straps accurate to the movie.

Both the catcher leg guards and the football pads were more difficult to find. Days of scouring amazon to find what looked to be the most accurate to the original pads and not break the bank. I ended up wit the entry level baseball catcher leg guards and a junior size football pads in XL. Both ended up working perfectly after some heavy weathering and some black fabric spray paint.

The pipe axe was a last minute prop because ill be damned if i dont have a prop for the photo ops. The wrench was a cheap halloween/theater prop I found on amazon for $8 and used some scrap foam to add a spike and axe head. after the repaint and weathering i was happy with it and yelling at people with my axe wrench waving in the air made the parade for me.

Sadly I dont have any pictures WIP photos of the rest of the costume but ill get around to actually doing a photo shoot of it to get some proper pictures to add to the blog.