• Zachary Titus

"Kronos" Bird Mask

The bird mask was a project to explore the world of foam carving to make a mold and i learned a lot from it, mainly how to not do it but thats what a learning process is so heres

how I built the bird mask from my original character "Knronos".

I started with some white pill Styrofoam insulation. you can get a stack of 3 foot panels for pretty cheap at any improvement store and simply glued them together with Mod Podge with some weight on top. After spending about 3 days getting the paper templates just right i did a rough cut of the foam with a jig saw and the longest blade I could get my hands on. Once I had a rough shape a transfer the templates to the piece and started the process of carving.

To get the rough sculpt i used an extendable box cutter and trimmed off little by little to narrow it down into the shaped i wanted. Using the box cutter is much easier to clean up then the million of little pieces you'll get if you use a sure-former rasp.

Once I removed as much foam as I could with the box cutter I changed to the sure-former. this is a great tool and work wonders on foam. You get great control with the inexpensive tool but it makes a mess as you can clearly see.

Once the carving was done I got a sanding block and sanding sponge to smooth out the surface and do some minor detailing. At this point i had the exact shape I wanted to mold but unfortunately you cant mold over foam so I started the process of Bondoing the piece.

With a nice healthy layer of Bondo on it I began the infinite process of sanding the Bondo, adding more Bondo and repeat.

At this point i was pretty happy with the shell I had on it and worked on filling divots and smoothing out uneven parts of the sculpt.

There was about 6 months between these to pictures as i had moved from Florida to Georgia for work. After Priming the piece I found i still wasn't happy with the overall shape and added another thick layer of Bondo over it.

Once I finally got the shape I wanted I had to fix the foam that was still showing. You can see all the divots here is where I had to hallow out the foam to then fill it with Bondo so it wouldn't mess with the molding process.

Once I filled the all the divots and did a nice heavy prime of the piece and got it smooth and even as possible with wet sanding. To make sure I had all the little pin holes filled from the Bondo I put a layer of XTC-3D on it from smooth-on to create the perfect mold surface. It was only at this point where I realized i could have put that on the foam instead of the Bondo and saved myself weeks of Bondo labor but now I know for next time.

I then sued Rebound from smooth-on to create the mold and this was the first resin cast from it. You can see I had prepped the surface as much as I could have on the head portion but this didn't really matter as I planned on cover the hold head section with feathers.

I spray painted the head black so the black feathers would blend into the head better. This process was a lot easier then expected. I was able to find a website the did whole sale feathers and saved so much money from buying them at a craft store.

I used feather trim for the back of the head and individual feathers for the rest using purple feathers around the eye to give it a little character. Simply just hot glued the feathers to the piece and it worked perfectly.

Here I painted the beak with my airbrush and some Iridescent/chameleon paint i found called Spazz Stick. Its marketed to RC hobbyists but i was incredibly happy with this paint. I also took a ping pong ball cut it in half and painted that as well for the eye.

later I added some L.E.Ds under the beak and some much needed padding inside for my head but overall loved how this piece came out. The character made its debut the "Immerse" a Creative City Project in Orlando.